• 2012.11 2012.11
    In November 2012, a group of 28 entrepreneurs and business executives formed a self-organized study group at Longchang, Xiuwen County, Guizhou Province, the site where Yangming attained enlightenment. 2012.11
  • 2014.05 2014.05
    In May 2014, Beijing Institute of Wang Yangming Philosophy was established.
  • 2015.08 2015.08
    In August 2015, the Institute moved to its Dongfeng Park location in Beijing, a traditional Chinese courtyard house available for gatherings and events for the study group.
  • 2015.12 2015.12
    In December 2015, the Study Group celebrated its third anniversary with a special graduation ceremony held at Peking University. 2015.12
  • 2016.10 2016.10
    In October 2016, the inaugural Entrepreneurs Forum was held at the Hall of Confucius Studies in Guiyang with the theme Zhiliangzhi is a Great Power, with 560 participants. 2016.10
  • 2017.11 2017.11
    In November 2017, an Entrepreneurs' Forum on the theme of Cultural Confidence and National Rejuvenation was held at Yanqi Lake in Beijing, with 4,000 in attendance. 2017.11
  • 2018.04 2018.04
    In April 2018, the Internet + Zhiliangzhi (Wuzhen) Conference was held in Wuzhen, which was attended by 3,000 people, including world-renowned internet luminaries Piero Scaruffi and Joe Weinman. 2018.04
  • 2018.08 2018.08
    At the XXIV World Congress of Philosophy, we hosted the premier Forum of Chinese Business Philosophy in Beijing, where the 4-hour morning session was live-broadcasted and gained over 10 million online views. 2018.08
  • 2019.04 2019.04
    In April 2019, a study session on The Way of the Internet was held in Xiong’an, bringing together founders and chairpersons from unicorns, internet companies and traditional manufacturing firms to discuss how Chinese philosophy may contribute to addressing major social issues of the Internet era.
  • 2019.10 2019.10
    In October 2019, the annual Entrepreneurs' Forum themed Brightening and Purifying Xin to Achieve Greatness was held at Yanqi Lake in Beijing. The event was noteworthy for its sustainability efforts: after seven days and with 4,000 participants, it concluded without leaving behind any paper waste and without wasting any food. 2019.10
  • 2020.03 2020.03
    In March 2020, a series of audio courses covering ten cultural classics was launched, eventually reaching 1,678,000 views.
  • 2020.10 2020.10
    In October 2020, Runzeyuan Learning Conference was livestreamed in an effort to promote Chinese culture, with tens of thousands of participants watching together from a total of 1,600 venues across China. 2020.10
  • 2021 2021
    Throughout 2021, three video courses were launched to leverage ancient wisdom from Wang Yangming’s teachings, I Ching and Tao Te Ching for solving modern-day problems in the corporate world and beyond, with approximately 90,000 enrolled across eight terms.
  • 2021.06 2021.06
    In June 2021, the "Youth Connect" Cross-cultural Learning program was co-hosted by Beijing Institute of Yangming Philosophy and the Ministry of Education’s China Center for International People-to-People Exchange. 2021.06
  • 2022.03 2022.03
    In March 2022, two audio and video courses on management classics were launched. The two courses, Inamori Philosophy and 72 Ways to Enhance Work Effectiveness and Five Practices to Enhance Competitiveness in the Workplace drew a cumulative total of 350,000 participants.
  • 2022.03 2022.03
    In March 2022, "Answers from Dao" became available on the Runzeyuan App, targeting global youth with content in English on insights from Tao Te Ching. 2022.03
  • 2022 2022
    In 2022, the organization focused on strategic innovation for small and micro-sized creative enterprises, hosting the "Confidence and Hope" SME 3.0 Strategic Innovation Online Forum and other learning events. 2022
  • 2022.05 2022.05
    In May 2022, the Runzeyuan “1+3” Business Strategy Innovation courses were launched, including Leadership series of courses, including Strategic Leadership, Second-generation Leadership, Strategic Co-Creation Forum and Family Happiness Enterprise. The nine courses have been taken by more than 10,000 members in total. 2022.05
  • 2022.11 2022.11
    In November 2022, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment, the brand "Runzeyuan" was officially launched and the company name was changed to Beijing Runzeyuan Education Technology Co.
  • 2022.11 2022.11
    In November 2022, the Runzeyuan brand was officially adopted, and the organization was renamed Beijing Runzeyuan Educational Technology Co., Ltd to mark its tenth anniversary.
  • 2023.01 2023.01
    In January 2023, the Family Happiness Enterprises program was launched with the first 188 participating companies. It has since grown to over 1,000 companies with nearly 100,000 participating employees.
  • 2023.06 2023.06
    In June 2023, Runzeyuan participated in the 2023 United Nations Forum for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Day event with a presentation titled "The Dao is Leadership: Strategic Innovation and Opportunities for SMEs.” 2023.06
  • 2023.06 2023.06
    In June 2023, Prof. Henry Mintzberg engaged with 100 Chinese entrepreneurs in a discussion about "Small Business, Big Strategy," focusing on disruptive innovation in Chinese-style management. 2023.06
  • 2024.02 2024.02
    In February 2024, the Open Course for Chairpersons was launched, concentrating on improving inner character for chairpersons. Offline learning is synchronized with online live streaming during monthly sessions.
  • 2024.02 2024.02
    Also in February 2024, a seminar on the theme of “Starting from the Heart, Embarking on Happiness” took place shortly after the Chinese New Year. Participants included about 320 faculty and staff members from Beijing Hospitality Institute of Beijing International Studies University.
  • 2024.03 2024.03
    In March 2024, a joint training agreement was formally signed with Sophia University in the United States. The first Master of Business Administration program will be launched on June 22, to be followed by a DBA program and Masters and PhD programs in Transpersonal Psychology.
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