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  • Mission

    To empower SMEs with strategic innovation.
  • Vision

    To become a trusted enterprise service organization.
  • Values

    The vital secret of life is that there are infinite treasures within oneself.


  • Bai Lixin

    Bai Lixin

    Founder of Beijing Runzeyuan Education Technology Co., Ltd.
    Doctorate in Engineering, Zhejiang University
  • Guo Hongbo

    Guo Hongbo

    Core Instructor of Beijing Runzeyuan Vice President of the China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises
    President of Yangming Education Institute of Guizhou Vocational Education Association
  • Wang Fenglei

    Wang Fenglei

    Lead lecturer of the "Zhuangzi" course at Runzeyuan
    Formerly served as the Managing Director of Accenture Greater China
    Senior strategist and transformation consultant
  • Gu Bing

    Gu Bing

    Lead lecturer of the "Book of Elements" course at Runzeyuan
    Formerly served as a Senior Project Manager and Management Consulting Expert at IBM for 18 years.
    He has provided strategic, management, and digitalization consulting services for over 30 outstanding enterprises across more than 10 industries.


  • Strategic Leadership

    Tailored for SME founders and business owners, this course offers answers to a wide range of business challenges. Leveraging Master Wang Yangming’s philosophy, the course empowers participants to break barriers and build resilience for long-term business successes.
    Since 2012, Runzeyuan has innovatively integrated Chinese classics with real-world business practices, forming an effective, time-tested methodology for solving challenging problems in today’s business world.
    Since May 2022, over 10,000 individuals have benefited from this course, receiving strategic guidance and developing roadmaps for problem solving with elevated strategic clarity.
  • Strategic Co-creation

    Designed for SME founders, owners and executive teams, this forum offers an opportunity for chairpersons, family members and core management teams to work together in identifying their strategic strengths and enabling successful execution in a synchronized manner.
    The chairman of the board of directors lead the family members and core executive team in unified classroom learning, to achieve a harmonious resonance, enhancing the potential for long-lasting and solid outcomes.
    The Strategic Co-creation Forum is more than just brainstorming. It encourages participants to start with the most foundational principles for their business as they then set out to think outside of the box, exchange insights and break barriers with positive energy in a supportive space.
  • Rising Generation
    Leadership Program

    Aimed at enterprise successors and second-generation entrepreneurs, this 7-day immersive course covers key areas such as personal leadership, strategic innovation and commerical insights. It puts to practice concepts such as disruptive innovation and entrepreneurial succession while systematically developing core competencies for business successors, such as strategic thinking, innovation, trust, customer thinking, competitive mindset and personal well-being.
  • Industry Leadership

    This specialized course caters to leaders from different industries throughout the country, premised on the understanding that a company's challenges and successes are intimately connected to the overall industry trajectory. The curriculum includes curated study visits to globally recognized companies—those ranked in the top ten of their sectors or among the world’s top 500—to facilitate an in-depth analysis of industry trends and identify strategic growth opportunities.
    By fostering a collaborative environment, the program empowers participants to collectively address industry challenges and leverage their combined potential. The aim is to extend these benefits to a broader professional community, thus contributing to the advancement and overall prosperity of their respective industries.

Family Happiness

This course is designed for companies that prioritize employee and family care as a strategic and distinctive strength. Recognizing that employee well-being directly contributes to productivity and a competitive edge, the program addresses essential aspects of family-centric enterprise development, emphasizing strategic planning and skill enhancement.
Through compelling case studies, participants are guided in daily applications that promote personal development and action, aiming to improve the well-being of employees and cultivate a family-oriented business culture. To date, over 1,000 companies and nearly 100,000 individuals have benefited from this course.


From 2012, when 28 entrepreneurs organized learning activities in Guizhou, to 2019, when 4,000 people gathered at Beijing Yanqi Lake to study Chinese culture, and now in 2022, with a focus on strategic innovation in small and micro cultural and creative enterprises and the global promotion of Chinese culture to young people, Runzeyuan has experienced rapid development in just a few years. By organizing a series of forums, launching online courses, and strengthening international exchanges, the company has not only expanded its business rapidly but also made significant achievements in inheriting and promoting excellent traditional Chinese culture, contributing greatly to cultural confidence and national rejuvenation. Learn more >


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Social Responsibility

Beijing Runzeyuan Education Technology Co., Ltd. actively participates in public welfare initiatives by donating funds and courses to support educational advancements, promote the integration of industry and education, preserve traditional culture, and drive local economic and social progress. In doing so, the company demonstrates its corporate responsibility and dedication to building a harmonious society. Learn more >
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